Counterfeit Currency Detection

Does your business handle cash? Could you easily spot real from fake notes? Counterfeit currency these days can be of such high quality, that it can be difficult.  Enter Check Note, the easiest counterfeit currency detector you will ever use. 

Don't Get Caught Out - Protect Your Business
Imagine someone walks into your business and places an order, then walks away with their order plus change, without paying a cent. That’s what happens when you accept the counterfeit currency.  You are effectively giving away your goods and your cash.  

Counterfeiters are now able to produce large runs of fake bills using equipment readily available to the public that are high-quality enough to fool even the forgery detection systems used at banks". - The Sydney Morning Herald, February 2016


Special Wavelength UV-Light Technology
Check Note employs UV-light technology to easily identify counterfeit notes as soon as they’re placed in the cash drawer – they really shine!

Easily Spot Shining Counterfeits
The Check Note device mounts onto your Point of Sale cash drawer and shines into the highest value note compartments. When a counterfeit note is placed into the drawer, the special wavelength UV-light makes the counterfeit note shine brightly, alerting the cashier of the fraudulent transaction.

Slim & Inconspicuous
Check Note’s slim, inconspicuous design allows staff to check each note, at the point of sale, while inserting into the cash drawer, without stalling the transaction.

Powered by USB
Check Note is powered by a simple USB cable that plugs directly into any Point of Sale Terminal – no power points required! Or, it can be powered through a standard 5V USB charger.

Affordable & Effective
For just $55 (inc. GST) you can safeguard your business against the losses incurred through the acceptance of the counterfeit currency.

One of a Kind
We’ve checked – there’s nothing else like it available on the market today.

Protect your business against handling counterfeit notes.
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