Why choose Liquorfile for bottle shops?

May 25, 2018

Have you ever noticed how many products bottle shops need to keep track of and the number of promotions they run?  From bottle shop chains to independent stores, so much time is spent updating product information.  


All these products have specific cost/price, stock and supplier information and keeping this information updated at the Point of Sale (POS), along with timed promotions and discounts, is a continuous and labour-intensive activity that most would rather avoid. Well, thanks to the folks at Liquorfile, it now takes just the press of a button to keep your stock info updated – aaah the wonders of technology!

Seamlessly Integrated
Liquorfile is a central database of liquor products available in Australia, which, following the adoption of Triniteq Point of Sale by a major bottle shop group, we now integrate with. This great news means Liquorfile integrates seamlessly with Triniteq POS and Stock Manager, our popular inventory management software, saving massive amounts of time and money loading and updating product information.

Continuously Download Updates
The Liquorfile database is maintained centrally in the cloud through regular updates from all major warehouses and liquor suppliers nationally, making up-to-date product information available to download to your Triniteq POS at any time.

Integrating your Triniteq POS with Liquorfile allows you to continuously update:

• products with standard descriptions
• barcodes
• cost information
• supplier & warehouse product codes
• supplier contact details
• product groups and all categories

If you’re interested in saving time and making more money through a POS with Liquor Product Catalogue, get in touch with us today.

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