Simplify Liquor Inventory with Massec Integration

Nov 15, 2021

Any professional bar person will tell you that liquor inventory control can suck up a lot of time that you could be spending elsewhere but we all know that it needs to be done, and regularly. Alcohol is expensive and can easily leave a big hole in your profit if not carefully and closely managed.

So, here’s a tool that will easily pay for itself ten-fold.  

Massec is the latest technology in beverage stock management for hospitality venues such as bars, restaurants, and bottle shops. The great news is it now integrates with WaiterPOS through Stock Manager to provide your venue with a fast, precise way to manage your beverage stock, saving your hospitality business money.



Massec can:

triniteq arrow pink   save you time
triniteq arrow pink   save you money
triniteq arrow pink   help to manage your expensive stock
triniteq arrow pink   decrease your labour costs
triniteq arrow pink   help to avoid wastage & leakage
triniteq arrow pink   deter theft
triniteq arrow pink   integrate with Triniteq Stock Manager

How it works
The Massec system is made up of a PDA device with purpose-built software, a bottle scale, and an ergonomically designed keg scale. The system delivers the precise value of stock in open bottles and kegs by weight, and unopened bottles in stock through barcode scanning.

Avoiding common bar problems
Stocktaking with Massec takes significantly less time which means it can take place more often providing exceptional cost-cutting stock control capability. Plus, stocktaking can be conducted by low-level staff decreasing labour costs and the use of Massec can act as a deterrent to common bar problems such as free-pouring, overpouring, free drinks, and theft – nothing is left undetected thus, making more profit.


sasa bolta2

"At Massec, our goal is to deliver fast, accurate and reliable inventory management to hospitality businesses and it’s working! Our customers experiencing significant savings by using our system include large hospitality groups, hotel chains, bars, restaurants bottle shops and even smaller venues." Sasa Bolta, General Manager, Massec Australia


"We've integrated our WaiterPOS and Stock Manager software with Massec to fill the gap between stock ordering and sales. Stock Manager takes care of ordering and decrementing stock from sales made through your WaiterPOS, and Massec feeds accurate stock-on-hand levels into Stock Manager providing the value, and easily identifying discrepancies. You are guaranteed to save money using Massec." Shaun Munro, Managing Director, Triniteq.

currumbine "I am really happy to have implemented Massec in our day-to-day business. It is fantastic value for money and has encouraged really positive changes. The team at Massec Australia worked alongside us at The Currambine Bar and Bistro to find the most effective and quickest way to stocktake. By using the Massec device it aided us in increasing our profit by 10% in the last year. Massec has really changed the way we feel about stocktake!" Stephen Tombides, Currambine Bar & Bistro.

Your next steps towards accurate & efficient stock control
The cost of Massec will quickly be recouped by cutting labour costs, increasing accuracy, and avoiding wastage and leakage.

To find out more about Massec and how it integrates with WaiterPOS through Stock Manager, Contact us or use our live chat, the bottom right of the screen to find out more today.

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