PowerEPOS now integrated with Mr Yum

Feb 24, 2022
Mr Yum is Australia's leading in-venue ordering platform providing powerful mobile menus, ordering, and payments, accessible through personal mobile devices.

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What is Mr Yum?

Australian-made and supported, Mr Yum is the leading ordering platform providing powerful online menus, ordering, and payments, accessible through your customers' own mobile devices. Online menus are accessed by scanning in-venue QR codes, offering a contactless and frictionless experience for customers. Orders are placed and paid for through Mr Yum’s web-based platform, which means no app required.

Customers report how easy Mr Yum is to use compared to other remote ordering apps. With great features such as Social Tabs and Batching for group orders, our customers, and their customers are loving Mr Yum.

Kim Teo for Blog Post"At Mr Yum we pride ourselves on having seamless and stable integrations with the world’s top point of sale providers, and our partnership with PowerEPOS now delivers a tech solution to Triniteq’s hospitality and entertainment customers that contains powerful tools for them to thrive."

Kim Teo, Mr Yum CEO & Co-founder


Why integrate PowerEPOS with Mr Yum?

Get PowerEPOS integrated with Mr Yum and take advantage of these benefits:

orange tick Get connected for free: We don't charge to integrate PowerEPOS with Mr Yum. This is one more way we save you money. 
orange tick Customers love using Mr Yum: Unlike other remote ordering apps, Mr Yum is so easy to use that your customers will be happy to use it again and again.
orange tick Operate with fewer staff: Remove the admin required for general order management and payments.
orange tick Manage Mr Yum menus from PowerEPOSJust turn on remote ordering for each product in PowerEPOS, then manage the display of information in your Mr Yum online menus, right from your PowerEPOS back office.
orange tick Save precious time through system sync - Don’t waste time updating two systems. PowerEPOS syncs with Mr Yum, quickly updating product info as required.
orange tick Increase order value: Programmable prompting and on-site marketing help to increase spend per head by 20-40% which means making more money.
orange tick Even easier reporting: Mr Yum sales can be reported as a revenue stream through your daily POS reports.
orange tick Get more business insights: Mr Yum's live sales and performance data is available for further analysis through PowerEPOS Insights, our invaluable reporting and analytics tool.
orange tick Vastly improve your customer experience: Innovative tools such as Simple Batching and Social Tabs, make using Mr Yum a breeze.

How much does this integration cost?

Right now, we're offering unlimited PowerEPOS licenses, free for 6 months*.  After that, PowerEPOS is just $55 per site & first device license, with additional licenses just $35 per month.  

And for Mr Yum, we'll get you connected for free.  That's right, we don't charge for this game-changing integration.  
No upfront OR ongoing Triniteq fees**. It's just another way we save you money.

Our pricing was designed to provide our hospitality business customers, with a very low-risk way to try out PowerEPOS and Mr Yum.

How does it work with PowerEPOS?

This integration with PowerEPOS, our new cloud-hybrid POS software allows for menu items set up in PowerEPOS to connect with your venue’s Mr Yum online menu. Orders placed and paid for through Mr Yum, are then pushed back into PowerEPOS, and on to production areas for preparation.

Information synced with Mr Yum:

    • Product names
    • Product descriptions
    • Prices
    • Prompts
    • Modifiers

As this information is updated and published in PowerEPOS, the information is pushed into the Mr Yum platform, updating menus straight away.

When a customer scans the QR code in a venue and places an order through Mr Yum, the order is pushed back into PowerEPOS, and automatically through to production areas such as the kitchen or bar. PowerEPOS then stores the transaction, making it available through the journal, and Insights for analysis and reporting.

How to add Mr Yum to PowerEPOS

  1. Current Triniteq customers - First register your interest. We'll then work in partnership with Mr Yum to get your integration live.
  2. New Triniteq customers - First contact us, or, if you are ready to go, sign up to PowerEPOS, then we'll connect you with Mr Yum.
PowerEPOS & WaiterPOS customers

Need more info? Contact us, call us on 1300 784 666or send us a message through our live chat.


*Ts&Cs apply
**Mr Yum fees should be considered and are payable directly to Mr Yum. During busy periods there can be up to 4 weeks lead time to go live with Mr Yum.

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