Phototicket integrated with WaiterPOS

Oct 30, 2018

At Triniteq we’re always looking for new ways to extend our technology to centralise data and streamline workflows, and our latest integration with Phototicket does just that.

What is Phototicket?

Developed for the retail industry, Phototicket is a software application that enables you to design top-quality ticketing and signage for your retail store. Initially working with fresh food retailers and supermarkets, Phototicket has evolved to simplify merchandising while creating a stunning full-color point of purchase ticketing and displays.

Phototicket & Triniteq 
By integrating Phototicket with Triniteq's Retail Point of Sale (POS) system, we are bridging the gap between the product information available in POS, and the product information available in your physical retail store. Product name, barcode, and price information flows from Triniteq's POS into Phototicket where it is used to create shelf labels and merchandising displays.

“The integration between Triniteq's POS and Phototicket is a significant milestone in expanding our retail offering and a further step towards positioning Triniteq as a leading provider in the retail POS industry,” said Shaun Munro, Managing Director at Triniteq.

Easy Stocktaking
Phototicket makes stocktaking a breeze. By adding barcodes to your shelf labels, your barcode scanner connected to Triniteq Stock Manager identifies the product, allowing you to then quickly count the total on the shelf and enter it into Stock Manager.


Set up a shelf label template in Phototicket and import product information from Triniteq Stock Manager.

Supporting You Store's Visual Identity
Phototicket’s template-based software allows you to easily design and change the information in your store to respond to changes in the market such as competitor promotions. Change your pricing labels at a moment’s notice while keeping up the branding and visual impact of your store. And it's so easy to use!


Easily generate shelf-talkers in Photo ticket.

Inexpensive & Effective
The best thing about Phototicket is that it’s so easy and inexpensive to integrate with Triniteq’s Retail Point of Sale system and get started. All you need is a Phototicket account, a basic laser printer, and regular Avery label stock, or you could set up a label format to work with a Zebra label printer. Once you’re set-up, the ongoing cost for Phototicket is just $20.00 per month.

“The team at Phototicket are delighted to be integrating our time-saving software with Triniteq’s popular Point of Sale system, making professional retail merchandising and shelf labeling available to Triniteq customers,” said Stacey Richards, Software Developer at Phototicket.

If you're interested in streamlining shelf labeling and merchandising in your hospitality businesscx, get in contact with us today to find out more.

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