10 Reasons to get PowerEPOS

Dec 15, 2021

We get that times are tough and we want to help. If you're thinking of moving to a cloud-based POS solution, first check out our new reduced prices.


WaiterPOS, our popular, hardworking, on-premise POS software is still supporting hospitality businesses all over the world, but if you're looking into cloud-based POS solutions, it's time to get excited about PowerEPOS! 


  1. Support & upgrades are included in their low monthly fee
  2. PowerEPOS is 100% Australian-made  
  3. Digital ordering and QR codes help them to quickly pivot as things change
  4. Greater flexibility & easy access to consistent data across all sites 
  5. Access to key business data from anywhere 
  6. They get total scalability - from 1 to 1,000's of sites & POS devices
  7. PowerEPOS operates in offline mode should their internet go down
  8. Their cloud-stored data is more secure 
  9. Updates are automatically rolled out

...and now there's a 10th reason to move to the cloud. We’ve taken the extraordinary step of reducing our monthly cloud subscription fees to help relieve the pressure being felt by hospitality business operators everywhere.

Not only are we still offering our unique, market-leading 6 Months FREE POS Software Offer* (no lock-in contracts, no transaction fees, try before you buy, 6 months starts from when you open or reopen), but now our ongoing PowerEPOS and Insights subscriptions are reduced as well.

Plus, If you're in lock-down or you've got a bit of time up your sleeve you could use the time to program the POS yourself, saving even more money - it's really not hard to do.


Compare us against other cloud POS providers, you'll be surprised how much you could save.
Get the latest cloud POS software free for 6 months* and after that, enjoy our ultra-low ongoing subscription fees.
Book a demoContact us, or chat with us through our live chat to find out more.
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