Is cloud POS software the right POS for your business?

Dec 16, 2021

Which factors create the best environment for your business? When choosing the right POS system for your business, there are several factors you should consider.

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PowerEPOS is brand new POS software, designed to make businesses more money. Built for speed and to maximise turnover, you'll find PowerEPOS is simple to use and easy to customise.There are many POS software options in the market today, so we’ve taken the best bits from each one, added to and improved on them, and built them into the ultimate POS software. PowerEPOS is built from scratch by Australian-based expert developers, to help your business succeed.

So, let’s take a closer look into the PowerEPOS POS ecosystem:

1. POS Hardware
PowerEPOS runs on Windows-based POS terminals and tablets for mobile ordering and mobile POS. Extend your POS system by adding peripherals such as customer facing displays, digital menu boards, barcode scanners and run a paperless kitchen by installing Kitchen Video Displays (KVDs). Reduce your hardware requirements by going cashless.

2. Back-Office Management
This is the control centre of your POS system where products are entered and menus built, employees are managed, discounts & promos are created, stock is tracked, and settings are configured.

3. Ordering & Delivery
The PowerEPOS Remote ordering module connects PowerEPOS with popular ordering and delivery apps and software. This module allows menus to be managed and orders placed remotely, such as in-venue QR code orders and payments, to be recorded and reported on through your POS.

4. 3rd Party integrations
PowerEPOS is integrated with industry-leading software and apps to directly exchange data, thereby automating processes, and avoiding manual data entry and all the pitfalls that can accompany it. Accounting, remote ordering and delivery, payments, property management, and more partners are integrated with PowerEPOS to simplify your business systems.

5. Payments
Providing your customers with the way they want to pay will create a more favourable experience. PowerEPOS offers the main ways to pay - cash, card, and EFTPOS. More advanced payment features are also included such as multiple ways to split bills, pay@table, and adding tips and service charges. PowerEPOS also offers automatic surcharging through Linkly.

Does this answer why you should choose PowerEPOS as your new POS system?

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